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The Emerald Heist

Saturday, March 7, 2020
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

This will be a dinner theater performance at Pauly Mac's next door to the Barn Swallow Theatre.

Tickets for this performance are $40. Menu coming soon. For reservations call 269.228.6672 or email tickets@barnswallowtheatre.com

Performance dates:
March 7 at 6pm
March 8 at 2pm
March 14 at 6pm
March 15 at 2pm

The Emerald Heist
by Israel Allen
Director - Rich Hackel

The first class dining car on a passenger train provides a wonderful setting to meet Mrs. Winston, an incredibly generous person. Her latest selfless acts include upgrading the coach tickets of a hungry young couple who has sneaked into the dining car and allowing a small museum to exhibit her famed Rockefeller Emerald ring. In fact, she's on the train to personally deliver the emerald to the museum. But when a thief attempts to steal the emerald only to announce that it's already missing, the situation quickly goes offtrack! Even worse, it seems the guards have been killed by a person or persons unknown.

Can we believe the shameless Thief that he didn't snatch the emerald? Or could the culprit be the pretentious Jeweler, the selfish Curator, or perhaps even a member of the audience? The intrepid Marshal will interrogate cast and audience alike until dessert and justice are served. This show is full of surprises that will have audience members on their feet - or in handcuffs!

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