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Michigan's Longest Garage Sale

Will take place on AUGUST 14th-16th 2020


For Bargain Hunters and Treasure Seekers check out the US 12 Heritage Garage Sale that takes place on Friday August 14th to Sunday August 16th 2020.

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A week before the garage sale we'll link to a map to help you plan your shopping itinerary or download a list of sales. Register your garage sale for the 2020 sale! Do you have a location or booth space to rent or are you looking one to rent for the US 12 Garage Sale?   Find out more about rentals here!

If you love shopping and searching for hidden treasures, this journey is for you!  The US 12 Heritage Trail Garage Sale is aptly called, “Michigan’s Longest Garage Sale!”  Every year individuals clean out their attics and stake out their front yards along the US-12 corridor stretching over 180 miles from New Buffalo to Detroit.  You will find everything from antiques, collectibles, furniture, dishware, fresh garden produce, homemade jams and jellies, live entertainment and much more.  Perhaps even more interesting than the “treasures” are the people you will meet along the way.  The sales can be found along the highway at homes, farms, businesses, parking lots and fields.  Some areas will have large numbers of vendors while others may be scattered.  As you drive the country roads on your quest, you will be privy to incredible stories related to the individuals and the items they sell and see a plethora of items that only your grandmother could love.  Most importantly most come to see the unusual and socialize. It is Americana at its best.

Please remember to drive safely and to slow down while traveling US-12 and pay special attention when parking and crossing the highway during the sale. 


Stories From Shoppers and Sellers...

garage_sale_2.jpgA Steal For $5.00!
What beautiful weather for the sales this past weekend!  My husband and I took our friend  from Chicago along with us this year.  She was amazed at how many sales there were!  (We started in Buchanan and made it to Union.)  She found this treasure in Edwardsburg - and it was a steal for only $5!  Had a great time and looking forward to the 2012 sales!


You Never Know What You Will Find!yardsale_coffin.jpg

I just had to e-mail to tell you that a man I work with and his wife attended the US-12 yard sale last weekend, and they had a great time.  The funny part of the story is that the man bought a coffin in Union for $35!  Yes, a coffin.  So, I have 4 questions:  
1. Who buys a coffin at a yard sale?
2. What kind of person is selling a coffin at a yard sale??
3. Whose coffin was it???
4. Who is the coffin for????

Go to this link post your own story

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