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Famous Hamburger is a name that is 35 years strong. The story of Famous Hamburger is one that truly depicts the American Dream in all of its glory. As dramatic as that sounds, the business is actually a simple burger joint, something that is a quite common site along the streets of American towns and cities. As customers enter Famous Hamburger and order their food, they begin to notice interesting things such as old photographs of past burger joints and portraits of ancestors that one would expect to find in somebody’s home. However these pictures do more than just decorate the clean and fresh walls, they tell a story; one that many immigrants share, but one that too few Americans take the time to learn. It is the classic and inspiring tale of the American dream. Through their hard work and sacrifice, the Hider Family of Dearborn has transformed an old family business made in Lebanon to a modern day success here in our community.

Famous Hamburger is called that for a reason. Over 35 years ago, Feisal Hider’s father, Hussein Hider, returned to Beirut from the United States bringing with him an idea which would eventually grow into the success his children and grandchildren enjoy today. He was the first one to introduce the idea of the burger hangout to Lebanon in a city called Badaro in 1968. The restaurant was called, “Little White Castle.” However, as business began to boom so did the bombs from the civil war which began to intensify. The family decided to move the restaurant to a safer location in downtown Beirut. As they began to scout locations everybody seemed to know who they were. They had become famous and so Famous Hamburger was born in August of 1970.

As the years passed, the tragedy of Beirut began to unfold. By mid to late 1980’s the city had become too dangerous to live in. The constant bombing had murdered the possibility of running a profitable business and so in 1989 Feisal, along with his family, arrived to the United States in hopes of a better life; however, they knew it would not come without a fight. In mid 1998, the first Famous Hamburger was introduced in Detroit, Michigan. This location proved to be extremely profitable. In July 2005, Famous Hamburger was relocated to a larger location in Dearborn. Lastly, Famous Hamburger capitalizes on the secret and unique recipe of their burgers. They also use halal meat which is meat that comes from animals that are raised and killed within Islamic teaching. This tradition states that animals are here to be eaten but must be shown proper respect and killed in a humane and sanitary manner in order to keep the meat disease free purified both physically and spiritually.

In closing, Famous Hamburger and the Hider family would like to welcome you to Dearborn and invite you to visit our wonderful establishment. Also, keep one thing in mind, “No Fuss, No Muss, Leave the Cooking to Us!!!”

Our Mission:
Provide the highest quality product and superb service to all customers so that they enjoy their Famous Hamburger experience, come back for more, and recommend Famous Hamburger to all their family and friends.

5808 Schaefer Rd
Dearborn, MI 48126
GPS Coordinates:
42.33147, -83.17612
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