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In the 1820’s, Rev. Isaac McCoy fished in a little creek where it dumped into the mighty St. Joseph River. By the late 1800’s, 13 mills had been located on that same creek within the City of Buchanan, Michigan, providing the city with its lifeblood. Imagine those exciting times when “renewable energy resources” was not an existing phrase, but that’s exactly what was happening.

And now...

Nearly 200 years later, McCoy’s Creek again pumps new life into Buchanan. A very exciting project is underway, building a trail along McCoy’s Creek. The plan is a collaborative effort between the City of Buchanan, Buchanan Area Recreation Board & Friends of the Trail Committee. Originally, the project sought to simply provide a walking/biking path for local residents that would meet an increased demand for these types of activities. But something bigger is happening in Buchanan.

A road to renewal...

The trail concept has matured into an all encompassing project that will incorporate Buchanan’s unique history; natural amenities such as McCoy’s Creek, Spafford Woods & E.B. Clark Woods; and local economy as it travels through the downtown.

Already the project has had a mobilizing effect on the community as residents and businesses alike unite in a meaningful way that guarantees success. The McCoy’s Creek Trail project is a symbol of renewal, pride & the quality of life for which Buchanan stands.

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