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Sunset View Cemetery

Historical Link To Early Settlers

A historic cemetery in Jonesville is the gravesite of Henry Baxter, a Civil War Union Brigadier General. Originally a colonel of the 7th Michigan Infantry, Baxter was wounded in his abdomen during the Peninsula Campaign.  In a battle at Fredericksburg a bullet shattered left shoulder and during the Wilderness campaign, a bullet passed through his leg and killed his horse. Despite all this, Baxter, who was born on September 8, 1821, lived until December 30, 1873. Historic cemeteries such as these are important cultural, architectural and archaeological resources. They provide us with information on our community's history such as the story of General Baxter. Often a cemetery is the only remnant left from early settlements and as such is a vital link with the past and its people, whose stories would otherwise be lost.

490 Oak St U.S. 12
Jonesville, MI
GPS Coordinates:
41.98549, -84.65325
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