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August 8,9,10


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The US 12 Heritage Trail is a road of contrasts and surprises. As you travel down the road, around the bend, and through the portals of time we hope you will arrive at a place called "Perspective".

If we could view a reverse time-lapsed film of this celebrated heritage trail that meanders through downtowns and countryside's we would start with the organized chaos of today's Michigan Avenue in Detroit and go back in time past generations of styles and architecture, past Model As and Ts, past parades of soldiers through war after war, past stagecoaches, Indians, and early pioneers, past buffalo and herds of deer all the way back to the time of unsettled forests and prairies where the natural landscape rests undisturbed.

If we could go back to that time, would we too imagine the possibilities of this great land? Would we settle and build a nest? Would we plan a highway from east to west?

Forever changing, shifting, and reinventing, the road continues to inspire, impress, and give visitors a chance to consider new perspectives.




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Rentschler Farm Tours-Saline [Click here to view full size picture]
Rentschler Farm Tours-Saline
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Rentschler Farm Black Smith
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Heritage Tours
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